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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Half Human

     It was a hot and humid summer night out in the desert of New Mexico for a young woman named Jesse. She lived in a run down trailer on about two acres of desert. There was nothing but miles and miles of desolation in each direction. Her nearest neighbors were six miles down the road. The only plant life around were cacti and tumbleweeds. She had a sheepdog named Lucky for a companion but did enjoy some of the wildlife around such as the snakes, lizards, spiders, and scorpions. July and August were some of the hottest months out where she lived and the air got to be too humid to go outdoors during the day. Thank God for air conditioners.
     The nights were freezing cold even during the summer, but it didn't matter for the coyotes who were still out prowling. Life in the desert was okay. Jesse worked from home being a dispatcher for a roadside service which paid pretty good especially when she put in long hours. She was a young woman with no children and no significant other. Lucky was all the company she needed. When she wasn't working, her and Lucky were cuddled up on the couch watching television together or laying in the bed taking a nap.
     Jesse stood about five foot eight with an athletic build. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. There were a few freckles on her face and she had sun tanned skin. She was raised on her father's cattle ranch so she grew up working fields and rounding up cattle. The outdoors was no stranger to Jesse. She was an independent woman who loved her life and everything about it. She had an old nineteen eighty-seven GMC truck for transportation which was used to pick up supplies in town about fifteen miles away.
     On her trips to town, she wouls take Lucky with her. They would stop at the corner store to pick up food, the hardware store for any household or repair supplies, and the local meat locker for meat. Jesse loved to cook out in the evenings when the temperature was in between humid and freezing which was about seven o'clock. Whenever she was working the grill, Lucky was right there to catch any scraps that might have fallen off. She also picked up large meat bones for Lucky to chew on so he would stop chewing on her furniture.
     The night sky was so beautiful that you could see several layers of stars and on good clear nights, you could even see certain galaxies. Jesse was a star gazer and also had a telescope which she looked through most nights when she wondered what was out there. Living in the desert at night you can get good views of galaxies, comets, and the occasional meteor shower. Jesse and Lucky would sit out at night while drinking a cold soda and watch the night sky light up with its brilliance. Sometimes she could see a glowing in the distance which was the lights of the nearest town or city depending on which way you were looking.
     It was a solitary life that she was happy to have and every now and then her father would stop by to check on her and see if she needed anything knowing that she could handle herself and any repairs. Jesse's trailer was an older model which she kept up pretty good and only called her father when there was a major issue she couldn't handle. Other than that life was good for Jesse. She had a deep freezer full of meat, her cupboards were stocked full, she has a full tank of gas in her truck, and an air conditioner that blew out ice cold air during the day.
     This one particular night, Jesse was inside cuddled up with Lucky on the couch watching television, when she noticed a very bright light that flashed only for a few minutes before going dark outside again. She had gotten up off the couch and looked out the window to see if someone was there. When she opened up the trailer door and looked outside she didn't see anything strange at all. So she closed the door back and headed into the kitchen for a snack. Ruffling around some plastic packaging, Jesse looked down and there was Lucky waiting for his snack. She grabbed him a couple of dog treats and some popcorn for herself and went back to the couch.
     After a few hours of snacks and television, Jesse and Lucky headed for bed. She went through the trailer and made sure everything was locked up and secured before heading to bed. While laying in bed staring at the ceiling, Jesse kept hearing strange noises. It kept her up for a couple of hours before she was able to fall asleep.
     Early the next morning, Jesse had gotten out of bed to make coffee when there was a knock at the door. She wasn't ready for any company seeing that she had just gotten up. Then she wondered who could be at her door so early in the morning. When she walked over to her door and looked out the window, she saw what appeared to be a man who in her mind was very good looking to be out in the desert.
     Jesse asked him through the window what he needed and he just looked at her smiling. She hesitated a minute before opening her door slightly to see what the gentleman wanted. Once her door was opened, the man began speaking to her. Jesse was taken by how well the man spoke. His English was almost perfect and Jesse wondered if he was lost and from the city the way he spoke.
     The man before her was tall, almost six feet,  well built, and had the most amazing sky blue eyes. His smile was perfect and he was clean shaven. Jesse couldn't help but look him up and down and even sideways. She was taken by his whole appearance and his mannerism. She stepped outside her door to speak with him. The gentleman introduced himself as Torren and stuck out his hand as a gesture to shake hands. Jesse looked down at his hands and noticed how soft they looked and well groomed.
     Jesse reached out and shook his hand telling him her name. They both exchanged smiles before walking over to her brown wooden patio chairs. That sat for a spell and exchanged conversation before Torren began asking personal questions about Jesse. She thought it was strange that a man she just met would be asking her very personal questions like, was there another in her life, or did she have any young ones? Jesse just looked at him being enthralled by his looks almost to the point of being in a trance. She kept staring at his eyes while unknowingly answering his questions.
     Once Torren had his answers, Jesse snapped out of her trance as he was standing up to leave. He again stretched out hs hand to shake hers and informed her he had to leave. Jesse had no memory or knowledge as to their conversation but shook his hand before he walked away out into the desert. At that point, she noticed he had no vehicle and that he was just walking on into the abyss of sand and cacti. She noticed that the temperature was getting warmer so she headed back into the trailer. Lucky was inside the door waiting for her and was trying to look past her at the stranger. He began acting strangely and all Jesse could do was to shoosh him and make him go lay down.
     The rest of her day went pretty well. She got the trailer cleaned and did some laundry before going out to her greenhouse to check on some of her vegetables. Jesse had a large greenhouse that was about as long as her trailer that she grew vegetables and some fruits in. Being out in the desert made for good growing since it was so hot and humid her plants thrived with heat and moisture. Her strawberries were so red and the lettuce was a gorgeous green and very leafy. One could say that Jesse had a large green thumb when it came to growing things.
     After harvesting some of her plants, Jesse went back inside to clean them in the air conditioning. She washed up her vegetables and fruits and then placed them in the refrigerator. Then she went to get cleaned up because she had gotten a little dirty harvesting. Once she was cleaned up she laid on the couch for a bit with Lucky and watched some television.
     As the sun started to set and the temperature continued to drop, Jesse and Lucky went outside to admire the evening sky. It was a magnificent night for star gazing, so she pulled out her telescope and began looking to the night sky. It was amazing to see the brilliance in the stars and the arrangement was spectacular. Then she noticed something strange about one section of the night sky. She noticed a patch of sky that had no stars. It was as if something was blocking them but she could not see anything there. It was so black and lifeless. Jesse began looking at the constellations and noticed a few meteors fall from the sky, or at least she thought they were meteors.
     Once she was done with her telescope she put it away and called Lucky into the house. She was ready to retire for the evening and went into her bedroom to change into her nightgown for bed. Lucky followed her into the bedroom and climbed up onto the bed waiting for her to join him. Once she climbed into bed, she and Lucky got nice and comfortable before falling off into a deep sleep.
     During the night while they both slept, they received a visitor into her bedroom. Lucky woke up and started to growl at the dark figure standing in the doorway. Torren walked from out of the shadows and somehow managed to quiet Lucky down without waking up Jesse. Lucky jumped down off of the bed and ran into the living room. Torren stood there staring down upon Jesse who seemed to be sleeping so calmly and peacefully. Torren was stricken with Jesse and found her to be very intriguing.
     He reached down and caressed the side of her face until she started to move a little in which he stopped. Torren then disrobed himself and climbed into the bed with Jesse. He began caressing her body and kissing her lips. She started to wake and noticed she wasn't alone in her bed. Jesse looked into Torren's eyes and again became entranced with his gaze. He then began making love to her and inserting his appendage inside her. She was so engaged by Torren that she in no way tried to stop him. They became engrossed into each other for most of the night. Jesse had not been with any man in years, so it was a night she would never forget.
     Upon waking up the next morning, Jesse had been consumed with the feeling of euphoria. She really had no recollection of the night. She was unaware of Torren's visit. So after laying in bed for what seemed like forever, Jesse finally got up and got dressed. She had to go into town for some supplies and then to visit with her father. Lucky made his way into the room and met her with enthusiasm.
     She headed for the kitchen to get coffee and noticed that she had a strange feeling inside her stomach. She just thought it might be upset or that she had a sour stomach, but she could not let it affect her day. Jesse sat at the kitchen table drinking her coffee while talking to Lucky. He was very excited this morning and Jesse could not figure out why but she loved his affection that he was showing her.
     Once she was finished with her coffee, she got up and headed back to the bedroom to change clothes before heading out to town. Lucky met her at the front door and was looking forward to the trip to town. They went outside and both of them climbed into the truck. Jesse still had this crazy feeling in her gut that she couldn't shake, but she left anyway headed south into town.
     She made it to the town store and gathered supplies before running into Torren just outside. He startled her at first until she recognized who it was. She quickly smiled at him and asked him how he was doing? He replied that he was doing fine and asked her how she felt this morning? She quickly stated that she was feeling pretty good except for the sour feeling in her stomach. Torren then walked closer to her and placed his hand over her stomach. Jesse was a little confused as to why he would be doing that but he finally took his hand away and made the comment that everything was as it should be.
     Jesse had no idea what he was talking about but excused herself to finish her errands before going to her father's ranch. Torren wished her well as he watched her walk off with Lucky in tow. She had finished her errands and climbed back into her truck and drove out to her father's place. While driving she had to deal with the sour stomach feeling which didn't seem to be getting any better. She was just looking forward to visiting with her father and mother and that made her feel more comfortable.
     Upon arriving at the ranch, her father met her in the driveway. Lucky jumped out of the truck and went straight to her father for attention. He opened the door for Jesse and then escorted her inside. Her mother was inside making lunch and asked Jesse if she was hungry, which she replied "no". She could not shake the funny feeling inside her stomach and tried to make the best of her visit. She spent quite a few hours with her parents chatting and gossiping with her mother about her mother's friends and their life situations. It was a happy and enjoyable visit for Jesse but it was getting late and she needed to head home. Her parents escorted her outside and into her truck. She found it hard to leave but she knew she had too. Once she was inside the truck, Lucky jumped inside as well. She bid farewell to her parents and began her journey home.
     Over the course of a few weeks, Jesse noticed her stomach was a little bigger and that her appetite had increased. She thought maybe she had some kind of stomach virus and began taking medicine to treat her cold. She realized every time she took medicine, it made her stomach feel worse and more upset. It seemed like every day her stomach was getting a little more bigger and she thought she was just gaining weight. Jesse changed her lifestyle by dieting to lose the weight but it seemed like it wasn't helping. Her stomach remained getting larger and then nausea kicked in.
     She and Lucky would sit on the couch together and Lucky would rest his head against her stomach until he would start growling and barking at it. Jesse thought that Lucky was going crazy or something the way he reacted to her stomach and its largeness. As her stomach grew she found herself mostly in the bathroom hugging the toilet throwing up everything she ate. She did this each and every day until she finally said "no more" and went to see the town doctor.
     Upon her examination, the doctor had some news for her as to why she was gaining weight and having nausea. When he entered the exam room where Jesse was waiting for news, he began to tell her that she was, in fact, pregnant. Jesse could not accept this diagnosis as she tried to explain to the doctor that she has had no relations with a man in years. After debating it with the doctor, she no reason to argue it anymore and got her things before leaving the doctor's office.
     Once she was standing beside the truck, she looked down at her swollen stomach giving it a few rubs and then talking to it like it would answer her back. She had to accept that this tiny baby was growing inside her and it stumped her more as to who the father could be. She reluctantly got into the truck and headed back home with Lucky by her side.
     When she arrived home, she felt nausea again and ran for the bathroom leaving Lucky to find his way from the truck to the house. When he was standing at the front door, he turned his head to see Torren walking towards him. Lucky was not at all offended by Torren and made no aggressive gesture towards him. Torren had reached out and petted his head before opening the door for him to go inside. Torren followed behind him and sat on the couch in the living room until Jesse came out fo the bathroom.
     When she came out of the bathroom seeing Torren inside her house startled her and she asked why he was inside her house. Torren just looked at her and she could see how he was admiring her large stomach. Jesse asked him politely to stop staring at her stomach for which he could not. He looked up at her and said she looked beautiful. Jesse couldn't do anything but smile. That was the first real compliment she has had in years.
     She grabbed a glass of water before walking into the living room to sit with Torren. As they sat there, Torren politely asked if he could feel her stomach which she agreed to let him as she rambled on about how she could be pregnant but haven't been with any men. That's when Torren looked up at her and told her that it was his child. Jesse quickly took his hand from her stomach and told him that he should not lie like that, it was bad manners.
     Torren had explained how he could not have a child with anyone back home where he was from. He explained how he wanted a child so much that he had been searching for so long for a companion to have his child. At this point Jesse was confused and even asked Torren when had they conceived a child. He explained to her about that night he had paid her a visit while she slept. Jesse started to get very emotional and didn't know if she was angry, sad, or even a bit happy.
     Torren reached over and held her for a minute while she came to terms with what was happening. She tried to assume he raped her but Torren had no knowledge of what that term meant. He did, in fact, apologize for his intrusion into her life. She began sobbing and trying to not too but the water works just flowed down her cheeks.
     Jesse began asking him about where he lived or what his hometown was like. Torren could not answer those questions because he knew not what they meant. He began telling her of a beautiful planet that was many light years away from Earth. At that point, Jesse glanced up at him quickly wiping the tears from her eyes and stating, "planet? What do you mean planet?" She began asking him other questions about the offspring she was carrying.
     Now Jesse not only knows she is pregnant but now she knows that she is carrying an alien child. This drove her into more of a tizzy not knowing what this child will look like being that it is only half human. Torren tried to give her more explanations but it took a while for Jesse to come to terms with this new information. Torren had explained to her about the night they first met and upon their conversation, Torren knew she would make a good mother for his offspring. Jesse had reservations about that but finally started to calm down due to her condition.
     Jesse felt that her being upset was making the child move about inside her like it was getting upset too until Torren placed his hand upon her stomach and it seemed like the child knew who he was and began to calm down. Jesse found it calming to know that the child she was carrying could sense its father's presence. Unfortunately, Torren had to explain that he must go back to his planet and that he would stay just until she gave birth so that he may see his offspring. This began to upset Jesse more knowing that he was just like any other man who knocks up a woman. Torren explained that he would always be a part of her life in one form or another which caused Jesse to calm down and regroup herself.
     Torren then sat with her for the better part of the rest of the day comforting her and just talking with her. It seemed to keep Jesse calm knowing that he was spending some time with her and his child. She did question what the child would look like and Torren assured her upon touching her stomach that the child would, in fact, look human. He explained all the special things that the child would have or know and that it would be okay for Jesse to love it unconditionally.
     Jesse allowed Torren to stay in her home until the birth of their child. Torren kept her and the child calm and looked after until about four days later when Jesse started having sharp pains. He knew it was time and helped Jesse to the bed where she could be comfortable until the child was born. He kept her calm and nourished and even made a special tea to help with the pain. He then sat beside her rubbing and caressing her stomach while talking to his child. He assured the child that it would be okay for it to meet his mother and began coaching the whole birthing process. Jesse took note that the child seemed to be doing exactly what Torren was telling it.
     Jesse began spreading her legs open as if it would be coming out any time. Torren caressed her thighs to relax her legs before moving down below her to catch their child. Once Torren saw the head he smiled and told Jesse about the whole head of hair it had just like a human. Jesse smiled and tried looking down but could not see anything. All she knew at that moment was that she wanted to push their child out into the world. It only took a few pushes before the child slipped right outside of her womb. Torren had cleaned it up and wrapped it in a clean towel before handing it to its mother.
     Once Jesse was holding her child, she noticed that it had special eyes just like its father. They were sky blue with diamond shaped pupils and her skin was soft and human colored. Jesse began crying while holding her child because she was so happy to have it. She had always wanted a child just never found anyone worth becoming a father. She handed the child back to Torren who gazed upon its beauty and human characteristics. He commented how human it looked but could feel the special senses that it obtained from him. Jesse thought that Torren would begin crying but he showed his emotions in a different way. He kissed the child's forehead and looked up to Jesse for a name for her daughter.
     It wasn't difficult for Jesse to name her. She quickly called her "Celestial". After calling out the child's name, Torren looked up at her and smiled and said that her name would be perfect for the situation. He carefully sat there holding their child and softly speaking to her of his home world. He told her of the stars and galaxies that he had to come through to find her mother and that she would be special to this planet. The child just gazed upon her father with those sky blue eyes and smiled.
     Torren spent a couple of weeks with Jesse and their child until Jesse was healed enough to care for her alone. It was about two and a half weeks before Jesse could get around better, but Torren and Lucky were there to help out. Lucky would sit and watch the child as if he were guarding her. Torren knew his time was coming to an end and Jesse knew this as well. He spent his last day holding his child and loving her until he finally had to go.
     Jesse hated to see him have to go but knew he had too. She watched as he kissed Celestial's forehead before handing her over to her mother who he passionately kissed goodbye. A tear had rolled down her cheek as she walked him outside. He turned to her and said that he will always be with her and Celestial before turning back around and walking off into the desert. Jesse stood there watching as he disappeared into the desert and then seeing a glimmer of light shoot up from the sand into the sky.
     Jesse now had a child to take care of and she knew that when Celestial was old enough, she would tell her of her father and how she is half human. Gazing into the night sky now had more meaning that just looking at stars but Jesse knew that things were going to be okay. The only issue that she could foresee was that of telling her parents about their granddaughter. They wouldn't understand about Celestial being only half human.

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