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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Star Jumper

     Two galaxies away is a tiny star with one single inhabitant known as the star jumper. He is a somewhat gentle creature that has a skin that adapts to the chemistry of the star which makes him able to live on stars and not planets. He goes by the name of Alamir and is a lonely creature. He has no knowledge of where he came from or who his parents were. He found himself one day waking up on this tiny star. Alamir doesn't even know how old he is.
     His food consists of the energy he draws from the star which is enough to sustain him without draining the star of its brilliance. He lives day by day roaming around this star and is also a very curious creature. When he finds something new he is almost as a young toddler and will not leave it alone until he finds out everything about it.
     Alamir's appearance is very unique to this species in a way that it has never been seen before by a human. He has very large eyes that are close together, skin that is tough as leather and purplish in color, and a pair of extremely large feet for his body size. I guess that is what makes it easy to travel around the star.
      As he roamed around the star, he caught something out of the corner of his eye in the distance. When he turned to look in its direction, it was gone but Alamir's curiosity took hold and he roamed in the direction of the object. As he got closer to the location of where it should have been, he could not find anything. This was very disappointing to him but it would not stop him from looking for it.
     Alamir searched and searched until he came across another creature half of his size but resembled him very much. The same big eyes and big feet. When they met each other it was shocking at first until they began investigating each other as dogs would. They took a whiff of each others body smell which was very different from one another.
     The little creature was hyper as a child and just as curious as Alamir. He introduced himself as Zoltar and then Alamir informed him of his name and they became a little more acquainted with each other. One could say they became friends instantly and that's when Alamir had questions. He began asking Zoltar if he knew where he came from and how old he was?
     Zoltar had answers which were surprising to Alamir because he had no memory of his own past or beginning. Zoltar told him of a very large star that was several galaxies away and had many of their kind living there. This gave hope to Alamir that he might be able to find out more about himself. He asked Zoltar if he could take him there so that he could see it for himself? He agreed to take him but it would be a long journey and they would need to stop at a star along the way to feed themselves.
     They both agreed and began their journey. They fed themselves to fill up and then made their way to the edge of the star. Alamir was afraid because he wasn't sure of his abilities and then began questioning Zoltar on how to jump from star to star. Zoltar started giving him instructions on how to jump which sounded easy but getting the courage to jump was more of an issue.
     Zoltar told him to get a running start and when he reached the edge of the star to jump with all of his might and concentrate on the star he wants to jump to and his ability will kick in. This was assuring to Alamir but there was still some apprehension in his star jumping but he listened to what Zoltar told him and then he watched as Zoltar backed up to get a running start.
     Before Zoltar went to jump, he informed and pointed out which star to jump to so that Alamir would know which one to concentrate on. Then, Zoltar took off running and when he reached the edge he made a giant leap and Alamir watched as he left the star and what seemed like a bolt of light zooming through space. To the human eye, star jumpers would look like shooting stars through the sky.
     Alamir watched as Zoltar zoomed through space until he disappeared and then suddenly saw a burst of light from the very same star that Zoltar told him to concentrate on. Alamir gathered his courage and backed up several feet to get a nice running start for the edge of the star. He counted to himself before taking off running with his big feet and then jumping from the edge and kept his eyes on the star Zoltar jumped to.
     As Alamir jumped he felt this tingling throughout his body as his abilities kicked in and instead of falling his body took off towards the star where Zoltar would be waiting. It only took a few minutes before reaching the other star and as Alamir tried to land he found himself rolling and tumbling on the surface of the star. He finally stopped about two feet in front of Zoltar who applauded his efforts in star jumping but apologized for not giving him instructions on landing.
     He assisted Alamir in getting up and asked if he was okay? Alamir felt drained from his journey like something has just zapped him of all his energy. Zoltar informed him of it being the reason the need to feed on each star they jump to. Alamir was excited to learn about this new star he landed on but Zoltar kept him focused on his goal of seeing their home star where their kind lived.
     Alamir was like a child in a sense of pouting because he wanted to explore this new star but understood that they didn't have time for that right now. He kept his attention on seeing more of his species and meeting everyone. Were they all like him?
     They both began feeding on the star and regaining their energy for the next jump. Once they were full, they traveled to the star's edge again and found the next star to jump to. This time it looked a little further away than the last. Alamir watched as Zoltar jumped and then he made himself ready for his jump. He backed up and sucked in some air before running to the edge and jumping for his life.
     Again his body flew through space and he was amazed at all the sights while traveling. He noticed all the different planets with their pretty colors and then began to wonder if they could jump to the planets? Once they reached the next star, Alamir began questioning Zoltar about the planets that surround them. He asked if it were possible to be able to jump to them and that's when Zoltar quickly cut off his question and just gave him a polite "no".
     Zoltar told him that if he ever jumped to a planet he would be stuck there forever because there would be no way to feed himself for another jump. He also stated about other species that inhabited the planets and that some were not so nice. Alamir again became very disappointed by Zoltar's answer but took his word for it as they fed and then made their way to their next jump.
     They jumped to many stars and Alamir was just so excited to see all that was around him as he jumped from star to star. He took mental notes of the location of a beautiful planet that was mostly covered in blue and green. It really peaked his curiosity and he wanted to learn more about planets. That one planet, in particular, made him curious to know what inhabitants it held and was always enthusiastic to meet new creatures but instead he just kept jumping in hopes to see his home star where there were creatures just like him.
     They finally reached their galaxy where the home star of his species was. They fed on each star as they jumped to another and finally one more jump would put them on the home star. Alamir remained very excited to meet others of his kind but was hesitant because he was afraid they would not accept him.
     Zoltar reassured him that everything would be fine and they made their last jump to the very large star and upon arriving, they were happily greeted by the inhabitants. Alamir could not believe there were others like him. There were some that were large and old and some that were very small and as infants. Alamir walked around getting acquainted with his species and became happy.
     As he stayed on his home star and felt like family, he still remembered that little planet of green and blue. He began dreaming and envisioning himself on this beautiful planet and meeting the species that inhabited it. He did not know what species it was but being such a beautiful planet it had to have a friendly species.
     Alamir lived on his home star for many months in earth time and as he lived every day and enjoyed being with his kind, he was plotting and planning how he can visit this blue and green planet and be able to jump from it. He did come up with an idea like overfeeding himself and keeping some as a reserve for jumping. He was not sure if it would work but he wanted to try.
     So Alamir filled up on food and energy and said goodbye to some of his new friends that he made and told them he would return. He went to the edge of the home star and began his jump to the nearest star in the direction of the blue and green planet. It took many jumps from star to star but he finally reached the nearest star to the blue and green planet. He fed on the star until he was so full that he began to feel speedy and made his jump to the planet and from earth, he looked like a falling star.
     Alamir landed on the planet out in the desert where he could be cautious until he found out what species inhabit this planet. He did not want to find an unfriendly species and started his journey towards what looked like structures in the distance. As he got closer, he began hearing strange noises from a distance. It was almost frightening but he remained positive and continued walking towards these structures.
     Once he arrived on the outskirts of these structures, he cautiously made his way in and not able to be seen as of yet. He wanted to investigate this species before just barging in and saying hello. He made it to a container that was green and fairly large where he hid and watched the species from a distance.
     What he found were a species of creatures that walked on two legs and different sizes like his own. He watched as he saw male and female and how they were busybodies constantly moving. As he watched from a hidden place, he wasn't aware that one of the creatures were walking up behind him. He turned around once hearing a noise and saw one of the creatures who appeared to be a young creature.
     It startled him at first, but as the creature got closer, he found it to be friendly as he saw that the creature was approaching slowly. Alamir smiled at the creature who returned the smile back. Then, the creature began to speak and it seemed comical because Alamir spoke a language similar to these creatures. So, a conversation began.
     The two of them sat behind the big green container and talked introducing themselves to one another. Before long, other young creatures appeared and sat with them. Alamir was relaxing a little more because he was making new friends on this strange planet. After a few hours of hanging out with the creatures, he noticed that it was becoming a little darker.
     One of the creatures stood up and offered out his hand as to help Alamir up from the ground and led him down the alley towards other structures away from the busybodies. The creature brought Alamir to a structure that looked friendly and took him inside one where he could be safe from harm and attention.
     They sat and talked for a bit longer until Alamir heard another creature who sounded older calling for the creature he was sitting with. The young creature got up and went to leave the structure but turned and told Alamir to stay there until he comes back to get him, which Alamir did. He found a comfortable place to lay down and rest until the young creature came back for him. He began noticing his surroundings and found items to be quite interesting but soon fell asleep because of his energy depleting.
     The next morning he noticed it was becoming light outside the structure and was anxious for the young creature to come back and get him. It wasn't long before the young creature showed back up and began telling Alamir of this planet. With Alamir's energy depleting, he knew he had to leave the planet to feed.
     He explained this to the young creature and then he took him back out to the desert where Alamir first landed hoping there would some energy left there that he could use to jump back out to the stars. When they got to the location, Alamir felt nothing left behind but attempted to jump anyway. The only problem he foreseen was that there was no edge of the planet to jump from.
     He knew he needed a running start so as the young creature watched, Alamir backed up, spotted the closest star, and made a running start. He tried to jump, but there was no use. He could not even get two feet off the ground. The young creature saw how disappointed Alamir was and offered to help by asking Alamir what he needed to jump?
     Alamir explained how his species feed on the energy of stars. The young creature asked what type of energy did the stars have and Alamir replied back with solar power. The young creature thought for a minute and then remembered that many of the structures close to his used solar power for electricity. When he told Alamir this information, he was pleased and anxious at the same time.
     The young creature took him to a nearby structure to his own and showed Alamir the panels on top of it. Alamir tried climbing to the top of the structure to feed off the energy. There was no way for Alamir to absorb the energy and this posed a problem. The young creature took Alamir around to the back of the structure where the panels plugged into the structure.
     Alamir removed the plug from the structure and stuck it against his body. Within a few minutes, Alamir felt the energy being absorbed into his body. He was feeling stronger and more energized until he was full. Once he was fully charged, he plugged the wires back into the structure where he saw the lights in the house come on.
     Alamir told the young creature that he felt better and should be able to jump off the planet. The young creature smiled and was enthusiastic about the situation. They began the journey back out to the desert for one more try to jump. The young creature became sad that Alamir was leaving and expressed his feelings to him.
     Alamir was saddened but explained to the young creature that he had to leave because he could not survive on the planet. So they continued walking until they reached their destination. The young creature stood by as Alamir backed up and then began running with all his might. He made it to where the young creature was standing and leaped up in the air making a jump which looked like a lightning strike to the young creature.
     He watched as Alamir jumped high in the sky and finally disappeared into space. As he stood there he watched as Alamir jumped from one star to the next as a shooting star and then began waving as Alamir disappeared into the distance where he could not be seen again.
     Once Alamir reached his home star, he spoke of the creatures from the blue and green planet to his friends who were amazed that he actually was able to jump from the planet. Alamir joined his species and became a citizen of the big star, but never forgot the young creature he met and helped him. This was a lesson learned for Alamir and that was that he would always be a star jumper.

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