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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Tiny Robot

     One day there was a young boy named Daniel who was very smart for his age of ten. He was a child that was interested in science and loved to watch science fiction especially when it came to space movies and alien technology. His parents were very proud of him for obtaining all A's on his school report cards. He excelled in science and was always doing science projects in his spare time.
      It seemed like every week he was handing his parents a shopping list of items and supplies that he needed for his projects and they never let him down by providing whatever he needed to encourage him in his endeavors. He made things from model spaceships to foam aliens to stack around his room.
     Daniel was pretty much a loner and did not make friends easily. He was looked at as a nerd and geek because he was always creating science things. He was lonely but found solace in his experiments and projects. He spent most of his time out in the garage working at a table that his dad built for him.
     One particular day when he was sitting at home working on another project, Daniel had an idea to create a virtual robot. It would be remote controlled and have moving parts. He thought that it would be so cool. He pushed his other project to the side and pulled out some blank paper and began sketching it out.
     After several different drawings, he finally decided to make something that looked friendly. In his drawing, it had a round shaped head with big round eyes that would light up blue. Its body would be cylinder shaped with both arms and legs. It would be made of metal and would have circuitry inside its body that would work with the remote control.
     Daniel made his list from his drawing of items and supplies that he would need and handed it to his parents who would go out the next day to purchase the items. While he waited for his supplies, he sat down and figured out his circuitry that would bring his robot to life and make it move. He configured a diagram showing where all the wires would run and what function they would perform.      Before long his mother was calling him because it was time for his bath and bed. He responded to her with a shout of, "okay mom" and began putting his stuff away neatly until tomorrow. He brushed off his table and headed to the garage door before turning out the lights. He closed the door locking it and then proceeded to walk towards the house.
     He came inside the house where his mother and father were sitting in the living room watching a news report on an upcoming meteor shower that would happen in three days. This excited Daniel very much and quickly asked for his list from his parents. He sat down on his knees at the coffee table in front of his parents and added a telescope to his list so that he could watch the meteor shower.
     Once he wrote it on his list, he handed it back to his parents and then finished watching the news with his parents before running off to the bathroom to get his bath done. Daniel started his bath water and while the tub was filling, he ran into his room to grab his favorite pajamas and underwear. He went back to the bathroom and turned off the water which filled the tub half way. He sat his pajamas and underwear down on the bathroom counter and began taking his clothes off.
     While in the middle of taking his clothes off, his mother opened the bathroom door and saw her naked son who quickly grabbed his towel to cover up his body. Since the age of six, Daniel has become aware of his body and doesn't want anyone to see him naked, even his mom and dad. She asked him if he needed any help and he quickly replied, "no mom", and she turned to leave the bathroom.
     As soon as she closed the door, he removed the towel from his body and quickly got inside the tub. He grabbed his soap and washcloth and lathered it up to begin washing his face. He washed his total body while thinking about his robot. Daniel became consumed with this robot that he began talking out loud about his plans and what it will look like and what it could do.
     Soon, he had his body completely washed and grabbed the shampoo to wash his hair. He put so much shampoo in his hair that it lathered up too much. He had so much lather on his head that he started shaping an alien head on top of his head. His mother soon called him to check on him and he began to quickly rinse the dripping lather from his head.
     Once he was done bathing, he dressed in his pajamas and walked out of the bathroom and went straight to his bedroom. He climbed in bed and both his parents came in to say goodnight and his mother kissed him on the forehead before both of them walked out of his bedroom turning off the light and closing the door leaving in cracked open.
     Daniel lay in his bed thinking about his robot and how much fun it will be to operate it and see what it can do. He saw pictures of it in his mind before falling asleep. Before his parents went to bed they stop to check in on Daniel who was bundled up and sleeping. After checking in on him, both of his parents went to bed knowing their son was safe and sound.
     The next morning when Daniel woke up he was excited about working on his robot but school came first. He ran into the bathroom and brushed his teeth and hair and then back to the bedroom to put on some clothes. After dressing himself, he left his room heading for the kitchen where both his parents were sitting drinking their coffee. He grabbed a bowl and a box of cereal and some milk and made his way over to the table to eat his breakfast.
     While eating his cereal, he reminded his parents about his supply list and looked forward to building his robot when he got home from school. His parents stated that they hadn't forgotten and his dad pulled it from his back pocket showing him he had it.
     He had just finished his cereal and noticed the time and that the school bus should be arriving soon, so he grabbed his backpack, kissing his mother goodbye and running out the front door. He made it to the bus stop just in time for the school bus to show up. He got on and took a seat in the back of the bus where he could sit alone. They made it to school and he went to his class hoping the day would go quickly because all that was on his mind was building his remote-controlled robot.
     The day seemed like it went on forever and finally came to an end when the final bell rang. Daniel was one of the first students to be packed up and ready to go. He left the classroom and made his way to the school bus to go home. He climbed on board and then the anxiety kicked in about getting home and taking his supplies to the garage and getting to work building.
     It took about thirty minutes to get home and then Daniel ran into the house finding his bag of supplies on the kitchen table. He took his backpack to his room and then ran into the kitchen grabbing the bag off the table. He took it to the garage and dumped everything out on his table and began going through each piece and organizing things.
     He began constructing the body of the tiny robot leaving a hatch in back to fit its circuit board inside. Once the body was made, he began putting its legs, arms, and head on. Daniel took a couple steps back to get a good look at his tiny robot before inserting all the wiring and mechanisms to make it remote-controlled. It took him several hours to complete everything before it got dark and his father called him inside for dinner.
     Daniel covered up his robot and cleaned up his mess before leaving the garage and turning off the light. He went up to the house and washed his hands for dinner. He sat at the table with his parents overlooking a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and salad which was his favorite dinner. While they were eating, his father asked him how his project was coming and he quickly with a mouth full of food said that it was going great.
     When dinner was over, he helped his mother clear the table and wash dishes before heading to the bathroom to take his nightly bath. He turned on the water and began filling up the tub while he went into his room to get his pajamas. He went back into the bathroom and took his clothes off and hopped into the tub. While he sat in the tub, he talked to himself about what he had to do tomorrow with his robot. It was all about experimenting to see if it will work and that he would have a remote-controlled robot to play with.
     After his bath, he got out, dried himself off, and put his pajamas on. Next, he brushed his teeth and then went into his bedroom climbing into his bed. He laid there with pictures in his mind about what he would have his robot do and what voice he would give it. Then, his parents came into tuck Daniel into bed and gave everyone a hug and kiss before watching his parents walk out the room turning off his light. It wasn't long before he fell fast asleep.
     The next morning when he woke up, he got dressed for school and made his way to the kitchen to have his breakfast. His parents told him good morning as he sat with his bowl and cereal. His father asked him again how his project was going and he told them he would be experimenting with it today to see if it will work. His parents told him how proud they were of him and that they were glad he was interested in something.
     Daniel ate his cereal rather quickly before looking up at the wall clock in the kitchen and noticed he would miss the bus if he did not hurry and get outside. He got up and took his bowl to the sink and then grabbed his backpack kissing his mother and hugging his father before he ran out the door and down to the bus stop. He made it by about three minutes when the bus pulled up.
     He was so excited about his robot but would not share it with anyone until he knew it would work correctly. The bus arrived at school and everyone got off making their way to their classrooms. Daniel being the loner and introvert that he was always sat in the back of the classroom. He was also in good range to keep an eye on the clock and was ready to go right before the bell sounded.
     It was a boring day in class and a long day. Daniel could not keep from watching the clock as it ticked one minute at a time. He was becoming frustrated at the time going by so slowly but it finally came and the last bell sounded. He grabbed his backpack and shoved his homework inside as he made his way to the classroom door. Kids were crowding the door and shoving to get out and when Daniel finally made it out of the room he had to run to catch the bus before he missed it.
     The bus ride home even became a long journey, Daniel wished that every stop would be his so that he could get to his robot. Once he finally got home, he ran into the house dropping his backpack in his room and grabbing a quick snack to take with him to the garage. On his way out, he stopped by his mother who was in the kitchen cooking dinner and gave her a kiss before leaving out the back door and heading for the garage.
     Daniel unlocked the garage door and went inside turning on the light and walking over to his table. He uncovered his robot and stood back admiring it once again and was very proud of himself. He ate a couple of bites from his snack which was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich his mother already had made for him and in the refrigerator. It tasted so good he finished it quickly and then wiped his hands off to not get jelly all over his robot.
     He got to work right away and began connecting wires inside his tiny robot.It was a lot of wiring and they had to be placed just right for it to work. After everything was connected, he grabbed his handmade remote controller and hooked up the wires to it and programmed in the signal he would use to control his robot. It was now time for a trial run and placed the robot on the floor. He placed some batteries inside the controller and turned it on. The eyes of the robot lit up but there was no movement. Daniel fidgeted with the controller and could not get it to work. He tried and tried but no luck. Before he got aggravated, his father came in and told him dinner was ready and for him to wash up.
     Daniel put his tools and robot back on the table and headed for the door. He reached up turning off the light and locking the door back before heading for the house. Once inside the house, he ran into the bathroom to wash up for dinner. It was meatloaf night and that was one of his favorite dinners. When he finished in the bathroom, he headed into the kitchen where he met his parents already sitting at the dinner table. He sat down and took a good whiff of the large meatloaf sitting in front of him.
     Daniel's mother cut him a piece and placed it on his plate while he was scooping some creamy mashed potatoes and putting it on his plate. Everyone was enjoying their dinner and Daniel always looked forward to the next few days after meatloaf night because his mother would make him a meatloaf sandwich for his school lunch. While sitting there eating, his father reminded them that the meteor shower was to happen tonight and that's when Daniel got excited.
     Before he could say anything, his father informed him that his new telescope was sitting in his room on his bed. Daniel could never have been happier. Het sat with his parents filling up on the tasty meatloaf and mashed potatoes and thinking of all the things he will see with his new telescope. He anticipated seeing the meteor shower for days now and it was finally here. It would happen past his bedtime but his parents agreed to let him stay up to watch some of it.
     After dinner, they all went into the living room to sit and watch the news on television until it was dark enough to see the meteor shower. Daniel wasn't that interested in the news so he went into his room to check out his new telescope. He took it out of the package and started putting the loose pieces together and getting it ready. His father came into the room and asked if he needed some help putting it together and went and sat on the bed next to him. Daniel and his father got it put together and took it outside to set up for the meteor shower.
     It was finally getting dark enough to see the meteors, so his father went inside to get Daniel's mother to come outside. They all stood there watching as meteors streaked through the sky and every now and then Daniel would look at them through his telescope. One particular meteor caught his attention because it didn't look like the rest of them. It was brighter and seemed to be headed for earth. He kept watching it until it broke the atmosphere and struck the earth about a few miles away.
     Everyone noticed it and Daniel was quick to ask his father if they could go see it? His father answered him by telling him it was past his bedtime and that he should just watch the rest of the shower before going to bed. Daniel was not happy but did as his father told him and watched the rest of the shower before going in to get ready for bed.
     Daniel was still excited about the meteor shower and thought about what he saw while climbing into the tub to wash up. He took his bath, got toweled off, put on his pajamas, and walked into his bedroom. He climbed into bed before his parents came in to tuck him in. His father brought his telescope in and placed it over by his window before going over to the bed and kissing his son goodnight. His mother kissed his forehead and told him good night and sweet dreams before getting up to leave his bedroom.
     After they left his room, Daniel laid there and thought about the meteor he saw hit the ground and then his imagination went crazy about aliens and green ooze seeping from the meteor like in a science fiction movie. Once his mind calmed down and he was now ready to sleep, he cozied up under his blankets and settled into sleep. It didn't take long before he was deep into sleep.
     Several hours into sleep, Daniel was awakened by strange noises coming from outside. He laid in his bed listening and it sounded like it was coming from the garage. He sat up in his bed and looked out his window towards the garage. He noticed the garage door which he knew he locked was wide open and there were funny lights coming from inside. He then got up and put on his robe heading for his bedroom door. He opened up his door and peeked out into the hall to see if his parents were up before leaving his room and walking towards the kitchen.
     He walked into the kitchen and over to the back door peeking through the blinds at the garage. He still saw the funny lights going on inside the garage and knew he had to investigate. He opened the door very quietly and began walking outside. As he made his way across the yard, he stumbled over one of his toys which made a loud noise. He quickly looked up and noticed the funny lights were not going off in the garage anymore.
     He slowly made his way over to the garage door that was opened and peeked inside. He looked around while hiding behind the door and saw nothing. He quietly made his way inside being very cautious and walked over to his table where he left his tiny robot. It was still standing right where he left it and then turned to look around the garage for where those funny lights could have come from.
     He searched around and around with no luck, but then heard a strange noise coming from behind him. When he turned around, he noticed that his tiny robot's eyes were lit up. He walked over towards his robot and it stepped back away from Daniel. This made him stop in his tracks that his robot moved on its own. He finally walked up to it and began talking to it. He watched as it stepped towards him with its little eyes blinking.
     Daniel reached for the remote- control and saw that it wasn't turned on, but thought to himself how could his robot be alive? He sat in a chair next to his table and the tiny robot walked over to him with its tiny hand out. Daniel reached out and shook his little hand and started to have a conversation with his new friend. The robot did not talk but made whistles and other noises as its way of communicating.
     Since the tiny robot was alive, Daniel saw no need for the remote control so he chucked it in a nearby box of gadgets. Then, he sat with his tiny robot and began asking questions like where he came from and how did he get here? He spent a good part of the night sitting with his new friend but soon had to go to back to bed before his parents got up.
     He explained to his tiny friend that he had to stay in the garage hidden from everyone. The tiny robot shook his head up and down to let Daniel know he understood. He then put some stuff away and turned to walk out of the garage. He looked back at his tiny friend and said he would see him in the morning. He reached up turning off the light and closed the garage door back locking it so no one could get in and find his friend. Daniel went back to bed feeling happy because he now has a friend who he could hang out with.
     The next morning, he woke up and got dressed quickly grabbing his backpack and running out into the kitchen. His parents were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee when he stated he had to run out to the garage for something real fast. He left his backpack on the table and made his way to the back door. He walked out and headed for the garage. When he unlocked the garage door and went inside, his tiny friend was glad to see him.
     He walked up to him and told the tiny robot how he had to go to school but would come visit him when he got back home. The tiny robot shook his head making whistles and that made Daniel smile. He turned to walk out of the garage to go to school and turned off the light and locked the door behind him. He stopped for a minute thinking about his new friend and it brought a smile to his face.
     When he left for school, it was another long day but it was also Friday so it was the weekend and that gave him two whole days to spend with the tiny robot. He reached school and headed for his classroom. He whizzed through his work and even got his homework done during class. He was feeling anxious about spending the weekend with his new friend and wanted the day at school to end.
     Finally, the bell rang and everyone shuffled out of the classroom to make their way to their buses. As Daniel got on the bus, One of the older children began making fun of him because he was such a geek but it didn't bother Daniel because he knew he had a friend waiting for him at home.
     Daniel finally reached home and got off the bus happily and headed straight for the garage. When he unlocked the door and went inside, he noticed that the tiny robot had cleaned the entire garage and organized everything. He told the tiny friend thank you and put him in his backpack telling him to be still and quiet.
     Daniel then turned to the garage door and began walking to it. He opened the door and turned off the light closing the door behind him. He walked up into the house and said hello to his parents before walking quickly to his room shutting the door behind him. He opened his backpack allowing the tiny robot to come out. His plan was to keep his new friend in the house with him where he would be safe.
     Now that Daniel had a new friend he spent most of his days playing and getting to learn from him. They became the best of friends and the tiny robot remained with Daniel up until he was off to college and that's when they parted ways and the tiny robot began exploring his new world and looking for his next new friend.

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